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Meteory for the manufacture of fire extinguishers

The beginnings of work in the field of firefighting dates back to the year 1975, when a company specialized in the field of firefighting was furnished and this company obtained several foreign agencies, including Italian and German.

Where Meteory Company was established in 1990 with the aim of providing the needs of the local market of fire extinguishers as a certified local product of high quality at competitive prices at the local market level.

Whereas, our main goal is to protect individuals and public and private institutions against fire hazards.

The company has become one of the first major companies specialized in fighting firefighting, as the company has branches in various governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt to work to provide the product permanently and the branches are backed by a fleet of cars to provide the necessary technical support to citizens and after-sales service in a permanent, fast and safe manner.

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Always happy clients over the years

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