Fire Cabinet

– Fireguard Meteory launchers

– You can choose between spray, ejector, start and stop modes by adjusting the lever accordingly

Fireproof Polyester Yarn with EDPM Friction Lining

Aluminum foil according to BS336

Body: Hard plastic spray nozzle with more than 45 degrees

Provided with a control valve made of copper: a knife valve – or a ball valve

Compression test size model

The pressure of the explosion

FGH 150 – Individual Fabric 1 ½”150 Psi 450 Psi

FGH 200 – Individual Fabric 1 ½”& 2 ½” 200 Psi 600 Psi

FGH 300 – Double Fabric 1 ½”& 2 ½” 300 Psi 900 Psi

Operating pressure: 16 bar

Test pressure: 34 bar

The devices are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the date of supply

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